Ghostwriting vs. Editing

Updated: Aug 9

Creative writing can be improved with English courses at a university, or by avid reading, but a degree or no degree doesn't give you the ability to be creative. You can induce and enhance an ability, but the skill itself is definitely something you're born with. Having the ability to speak poetically, or express it on paper is a gift in my opinion. However, having the ability to be exceptionally attentive to detail, especially in today's world with distractions of social media, and poor eating habits (brain food) is a very great skill to possess – and being an editor needs that attribute. Due to the love of reading they become accustomed to many different types of dialect within the English language, allowing them to learn more techniques to spot errors. The two skill sets are very different at hand.

I am a creative writer. My ability to communicate information and break it down according to critical thinking is easily transformed into communicating it persuasively or poetically when speaking or thinking. Last but not least, when writing. Someone can tell me their story and I can take that story and make it flow, implying or implicating the intensity and drama of it all. I can also utilize different types of words very well in order to sound persuasive or romantic. I was not an avid reader when I was younger, but I did like reading. I didn't make very good grades in school and even though I've taken some courses in English, I never really finished to obtain a degree. The desire to communicate at a level that enhances another person's life stimulates my brain. That is something I was born with. And that is why I am a ghostwriter, or a writer. However, when it comes to attention to detail, I am not an expert with the"English writing" elements, or with catching errors in general. I have to hire an editor for that. They have to be exceptionally meticulous at catching written mistakes. An editor and I make a great team. And I truly believe that's the way it's supposed to be. As I have gotten older, I read more and study more, making sure I catch as many errors as I can when it comes to grammatical mistakes or structure. I think faster than I type, so if you were to give me material, I can create two to three thousand words within twenty minutes, speaking into a Microsoft Word microphone. Then, I revert back to the actual document itself and implement the changes through typing. On occasion, I will have someone read over my material to catch the last of my grammatical errors once in the budget. It is in your best interest to get an editor, regardless of how good you think you are at catching mishaps of your written words.

The conclusion of my opinion for this article is that ghostwriters and editors are two different type of skill sets. And I don't necessarily like writing. Writing can be very tedious work, but the truth is, is that communication is a passion of mine. The outlet to that is writing, ultimately why I chose to be a ghostwriter to optimize my communication abilities.

In the past, I used to think that ghostwriting or writing was something you had to learn in school, but as we all know, many writers who are successful have critics. Please keep in mind those critics are nothing but opinionated people. And people are flawed. Again, just opinions. Fans make the truth of your life, no one else. And you should be your biggest fan, regardless of anything. That is what creates happiness.

To give a little bit of support to this article, there was a study once done that tested skill ability. It was regarding whether a gift is something you were born with, or is it something you obtain as you learn throughout your lifespan. What the study entailed was the gathering of A & B students who we're all in the same grade. They tested the theory by putting the same teachers, the same structure of curriculum, same amount of time studying, the same homework, and the same attention individually to each student. I believe the two subjects were English and math (don’t quote me). And after 6 to 8 weeks of running the course they tested both students. The A students increase their learning ability by 1500% and the B students increased their learning ability by 300%. Consequently, the ability to increase the gift is obviously possible, and who knows, the intensity of that may increase overtime with the 300% student against somebody who was born with the skill, but never practiced it or used it. Since that study hasn't been concluded, we may never know, but this test has proven that when you're born with a gift, you can be the master of all masters within that trade.

Whoever you want to be and whatever you want to do, practice it, and become it, especially if you have a gift in it.

I am a ghostwriter.

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