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There are many different scenarios that take place when one is considering how or when to start writing or publishing their book. Some things to prepare for to ensure your book comes alive is understanding how many times editing needs to be involved. A novel can take up to 10 edits to catch every little detail and it is time consuming and tedious. "It's the nature of the beast to be an author."


*Your timelines and scenarios need to match or add up.

*Grammatical structures for dialog, sentencing, word correction, and flow need to be evaluated.

*Your story needs to make sense to the reader.

*A ghost writer will not know if a chapter is missing or if the people speaking are in the correct order, unless you have done it perfectly, or it's not confusing. You have to edit with the ghost writer to make sure it is captured correctly. Meetings will be required.


A standard timeline to write a story is 3 to 6 months, and in some cases if the story has not been written in full, it can take up to a year due to additions, editing, corrections or adjustments.


Ghost writers are not marketing experts or publishers.

What you need:

*Literary agents purchase your book and market for you. You do submissions online for this action.

*Self-publishing on Amazon is free to set up but you will pay a percentage of the sells, and you have put in the time to do it or hire someone. It will need to be set up in a format for this, such as a flip book or PDF file. You can find this software online.

*Publishing companies usually make you pay (in most cases) to publish your book. They do have connections and so forth.

If you need more information on this, I can give a free consultation for 15 minutes, email or call.

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