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Director of Operations

Hello! My name is Evie Michelle Bernal. I have been a creative writer since 2010 and was successful with Writing Expressed as a proposal and resume writer, but I have begun a new journey in 2020 as a ghostwriter for novels. We have 10-15 novels per year that we complete for publications. I am only your ghostwriter, an editor will back up my work for grammatical consistency and errors. I have a background that consists of a decade of experience and I am registered for English and communications degrees. I am also considering something in psychology. 

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The E.M. BackGround Check

E.M. Ghostwriting & Literary Services is registered as an LLC. We want to attract quality leads who desire to invest their money in quality work – so I offer a free sample upfront in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person, according to tone and genre. I have a staff of editors who assist me with proofreading, specialization in grammatical editing, and other ghostwriters for different writing style options. We sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to ensure we take no rights of your property.

The genre we take:
Family Saga/Thrillers/Romance/Fantasy/Based on True Stories (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

As a ghostwriter, I offer:
Discovery writing & outlines to develop the story.
Ghostwriting directly from your rough draft by two options (minimal creative editing or direct ghostwriting). A sample will demonstrate more for understanding.
Pure editing. This will only correct grammatical inconsistencies and errors. The material will look and sound the same, but it will read without error.
Proof reviews. I read the material to write an evaluation, providing feedback on what you did well and what you can do better by opinion.
Beta read review. This is by an anonymous reader who will offer an honest Amazon or Goodreads review within 5-10 business days (75,000 words or less novel). If more – more business days will be needed. This is done in-office and is monitored to ensure they read the entire book.


Austin: 512-387-1142

Ghostwriter: 210-254-0288

Headquarters: 210-239-3905

California: 323-575-8302